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Quality services is responsible for the elevation of Libertas Tech Solutions to the position of one of the leading companies providing the best web designs and web development solutions in Chennai.

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Our Entire team at Libertas Tech Solutions works towards the same goal of creating value for our customers.

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To be precise, Satisfied customers are our Business strategy for Libertas, so we invest in our customers. However, we focus on this we are ready to obtain the client's requirements and involve to make the critical solutions for the client's requirements.

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Libertas Story Line

  1. Founding Libertas

    May 1th, 2020

    When we start our company, we want to explore the knowledge and set up the client base for our future plan of Libertas's growth. coming of the aim of Libertas is the commit time projects and close up the project with high level of satisfaction of the client.

  2. Reach 25 th Happy Clients

    Dec 31th, 2020

    We are really happy to announce Libertas to reached out the 25 clients with 100% of satisfaction and good work.

  3. New Year and New Goal

    Jan 1th, 2021

    New year is a new book of record, so this year libertas plan to create the own signature and good performance in our technical chapter and growth with client together, this year we are planning to tie-up with our foreign partners. soonly we update the good news.

  4. Collaboration

    Mar 20th, 2014

    As such, we announced early and the goal 2021 we are glad to inform Libertas collaborating with UK-based companies hands together, and we are happy to append our service with IT support.

  5. 50+ Happy clients

    Sept 17th, 2021

    Libertas is reached out 50+ happy clients, we happy to inform this, "quality is important more than a quantity".

  6. Registration

    Jan 22th, 2022

    We are really happy to inform you our libertas has completed the MSME and startup india registeration.

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